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New Power Seat Slider
Easy Installation Guide.
Get rid of those old annoying broken sliders Today !!!
         <<Printable Instructions .PDF >>      
Step 1       First, locate your front seat ;-)  With the seat all the way up to give you some room  
                                                        to work on the rails.

                 Move the seat back and remove the front trim covers using a Phillips screw driver.

                 Then, remove the 2 front rail bolts using a 13mm socket.

                 Move the seat forward and remove the rear trim covers.

                 Remove the 4 remaining bolts with a 13mm socket.

Step 2       Don't forget to disconnect the power seat electrical connector.

Step 3       Lift the seat and turn it so that the seat is facing your stomach.

                 Carefully angle the seat out the driver's door.

Step 4       The use of a table or work bench will help, you can use a towel to protect your seat.

                 Seat removed from the BeaSSt.

Step 5       Locate the horizontal actuator "plastic slider gear box" holding the seat track.

                 Find the two  screws holding the actuator in place.

                 Remove the screws using a 10 mm wrench.

                 Once the bolts are out, just a slight tug and the gear box falls out.

                 View of the gear box removed.

                                                         << Special Note for Pre-94 Seat Rails >>

Step 6       Once out, push the slider out toward the front of the seat.

                 View of the sliding track removed from the rail. Note the quality of the old sliders... ?

Step 7       Simply remove all of these old broken sliders.

                 Side by side view of the seat rail and track.

                  Close-up view of an old broken GM slider.

                 An other view of broken sliders still attached to the rail.

                 Notice how all the original sliders have the same thing in common...

                 Side by side view of an old slider and its replacement part. Do I need to say more...?

Step 8       Ensure the seat track is clean and free of debris before installing the new sliders.
                                                        Make sure the curved parts of the sliders face outward when reinstalling.
Step 9       Apply lubricant to steel track. I used a multi purpose synthetic based lubricant with 
                                                        Teflon to prevent friction and wear. Withstands temperatures from -45F. to 450F.

                 now that you are well greased-up :-) You can start the reassembly.

Step 10     Introduce the track back into the seat rail.

Step 11     Reinstall the Plastic gear box.

                 One screw left to insert.

                 View from the rear of the seat.

                 View from an other angle .

Step 12    Carefully put the seat back in place and reconnect the power seat electrical connector.

                 View of the new sliders installed.

                 Care for a test drive ?