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Window Fix Kit, Impala SS/Caprice.

Price: US$56.95

96 Odometer Resistor Fix Kit.  Repair that fading or dim odometer without replacing the cluster.  If ordering alone, item will be shipped Priority Mail, insured, deliv. conf. at $8.95.  Disregard cart shipping price.

Price: US$21.95

Impala SS Rear Body Script. Price is Each or per Vehicle Side (nondirectional).

Price: US$79.95

Fit 91-6 Impala/Caprice. Highest Quality Custom Embroidered Impala SS mats with Deer Logo and NEW one piece rear mat. "Impala SS" Embroidery on Front mats under the deer logo, and another deer in the middle of the rear mat.

Price: US$186.95

New! Revised 140 MPH Window Decal.

Price: US$7.95


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Welcome to our New Impala SuperStore

Welcome back to the Impala Superstore.  New Features will assist you in finding what you need.

Note: We are currently operating as mail order only to stay ahead in this slow economy.  If you place an order, we can arrange for local pickup but we do not have a showroom location as we have had in the past.  Thank you.


Xtreme White Plus bulbs are whiter, brighter, and closer to the color of sunlight. 45/65w = 95/120w, 4000K. Price is per pair. We carry a complete line of PIAA products. Spend the extra few bucks and get the real deal.

US$82.95 click to see more


Alternator, 140 Amp, 94-6 Impala SS. OEM replacement Delco. Polished version is a HD Powermaster.

US$229.95 click to see more


Door Panel Lamp Replacement.

US$0.00 click to see more


Rear Control Arm Bushing Kit by Energy Suspension.

US$106.95 click to see more


Grille, Impala SS 94-6, orig. equipment, Paint to match, no bowtie. 

US$154.95 click to see more


Hotchkis Upper Trailing Arm For Impala SS/Caprice.

US$302.95 click to see more


Moog Front 77-96 B-Body. Original replacement. 5044. Price is per pair.

US$158.95 click to see more


Cross Flag Kit. Our world famous original cross flag kit. These are the same as the first 61 Impala ss, the Deer always jump to the left. We've provided these to 94-6 Impala owners across the globe.

US$66.95 click to see more


RAISS Replacement Filter. Dual filtering element.

US$49.95 click to see more


Stage 8 Locking Header Bolts.

US$59.95 click to see more